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We are passionate about helping young cricketers become better bowlers. The game of cricket has become unbalanced, the boundaries are getting shorter and the bats are getting bigger.

As a kid, when first learning to bowl, it is important you are able to master a “good length” delivery. With practice and experience you can become a crackerjack bowler, delivering a variety of desired lengths. However, one of the problems is that when first learning how to bowl and due to the length of the pitch, it is difficult for an inexperienced bowler to judge from a distance of 20 metres away exactly where to land the ball to bounce for a good length.

A ball pitched too short rises high and loses some of its pace, making it easier to hit. A ball pitched too long or full, may not have time to vary in it’s flight, also making it easier for the batsman to hit.

A “good length” ball is a compromise between these two, bouncing far enough from the batsman to allow for variation, but not so far that he can react easily to put it over the fence. Basically, a good length is the ball that the batsman finds hard to decide to go forward or back to play it, and doubt leads to mistakes, which leads to wickets.

We’ve all tried putting a 20 cent coin down as a marker and unless you have superb eyesight, it’s not the best method for learning length. At Bowling Master we’ve developed products for Junior and Senior cricketers to assist with all different bowling types, whether it’s slow, medium, fast or spin.
Bowling Master products provide instant feedback to bowlers to help solve common challenges:

“Am I pitching the ball to full?”
“Am I pitching the ball to short?”
“Where do I land the ball for off spin or leg break”
“Where is a good length?”
After just a few net sessions a bowler will naturally start to gain a better feel for landing the ball more consistently in the Good zone and should result in less runs and more wickets!
Bowling Master products are Australian designed.
Our vision is to help make bowling become more enjoyable and restore the balance.

Australian Innovation Patent Approved 2016100491
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