What is Bowling Master?

Unsure if you’re bowling too short or too full?

Bowling Master Products are cricket training aids for bowlers. They are colour coded devices that when rolled out alongside the cricket pitch or other level playing surface provides instant feedback on the area of the cricket pitch you are bowling.

Designed for swing, medium, fast and spin bowlers of all ages, each product has zone markings to help gauge bowling accuracy: Short, Good, Full or Yorker.

Bowling Master Senior

is 5.6 metres in length and has larger zones, designed for bowlers 14 years and over. The standard version will guide you to bowl more consistently at a good length as you mature in age..

Bowling Master Junior

is 3.6 metres in length and specifically designed to meet the needs of a bowler aged 8-13 years. The shorter version takes
into consideration younger bowlers have more loft in their ball delivery.

Bowling Master Spin

is 3.3 metres in length and has three zones: Short, Good and Full. Its designed for the optimum place for a spinner to land the ball. A separate target marker is included to assist with line.